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Ohmygosh.  Felix Sanchez.  This guy made me cry when he cried….

At the Beijing Olympics, the morning of the preliminary heat, he got the news that his grandma had died.  He ran, but ended up doing horribly.  He cried the whole day.  He vowed that he would win a medal for her before he retired.  And today in London, he won the gold.  That picture on the ground is of himself and his grandma.


He ran with the photo of the two of them pinned on the inside of his race number.

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Everyone puts their phones in the middle of the table. Whoever cracks first by touching their phone, pays for the entire meal. The purpose of the game was to get everyone off their phones, away from twitter, facebook, texting, etc and to encourage conversations. In other words, help cure the “Anti-Social Social Media Craziness”. Here are the rules: 1. The game starts after everyone sits down. 2. Everybody places their phone in the middle of the table. 3. The first person to touch their phone loses the game. 4. Loser of the game pays the bill for everyone’s meal. 5. If the bill comes before anyone has touched their phone, everybody is declared a winner and pays for their own meal. Are You Game? 

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I love you, I really do.
I love you, from me to you.
I love you, with all my heart.
I love you, let’s never depart.